Beginning – influenced by our Canadian artists – subject matter landscape. By the end of the 1950’s, George Forgie felt ...Read More
A self-proclaimed Romantic Period.  Although the landscape remains, it now has become but a surreal backdrop.  His family, as subject matter, ...Read More
The artist is strongly announcing his favoured, strong colour palette now, and this will remain for the most part as a ...Read More
Paintings of this short period are marked by a turn away from high-keyed colours to very subdued sombre contrasts.  Here ...Read More
It is at this time that George Forgie finally realized himself s a devout Realist.  Subject matter varies!  The landscape ...Read More
Pointillism – high keyed colour.  By the use of hard-edge, the subject becomes static, frozen in time.  At this stage of ...Read More
All periods of growth and experience have come together; hard and soft edges, high-keyed colour; pointillism, to a degree, combined ...Read More