Stoneware Sculptures

Stoneware Sculpture .." one of a kind "..High fired at 2150 F...Glazing is primarily meant for low-fired earthenware objects, whereas in my high fired sculpture the use of coloured oxides produce a subtle earthy colour complimenting the clay body itself.. for example, magnesium-iron-cobalt etc. All works are built from the base up and are hollow. Within cavities are written messages on scrolls attached to the clay walls. Since there is no way to enter these enclosed spaces they remain hidden, a mystery entertained by the mind by the fact one knows they are there. ...Do note all sculptured pieces were time-consuming.. ex. King series may have taken approximately a week or so, while a 'major' piece, for example, Cathedral series, extra-large figurative works up to a month plus to complete.


Free Standing 16.5 x 9 x 10" wide
Price: $5000

Cathedral Series 

One of a Kind
Price: $6000

King Series 'Rubin'

Free standing - 13.5 x 9 x 3-3/4" 
Price: $1500 /ea

Note: note  each king has an ample hole in the back sufficient to hang safely to a stud in a wall.... 5,6 remaining kings