Poetic Realism Period – 1970’s

It is at this time that George Forgie finally realized himself s a devout Realist.  Subject matter varies!  The landscape returns; the silhouette finds identity; detail is accentuated – involvement with subject becomes more intimate.  Hard-edge remains; high-keyed colour returns; Surrealism within the subject speaks in a developing, and consistent, spiritual language.  Paintings often are more than they appear; barriers will be presented usually in the foreground of the canvas, yet, content draws the’ viewer inside to explore the mysteries within.  Figures will haunt and emerge, as part of a secret language; the artist is infusing into all works from now on.  Figures, still life, and landscape paintings will all explore these dreamscape qualities, sometime obvious; more often as disconcerting elements that require the viewer to get into the painting. In early works, boundaries confine space, they slowly give way, while the sensation of the 3rd dimension is arrived by combination of perspective and overlapping planes. This is the start of a quality of photo realism in the painting that will captivate through the remaining periods of his career almost overnight, the silhouette gives way to photo or high realism.