About George

George Forgie, of Scottish descent, was born in 1932, the eldest of 5 children. He, a soft spoken, almost private man, began to draw and paint as far back as he can remember, and has continued with the same vigor, and competent resolve to the present day.

Upon graduating in the arts at Central Technical, George experienced a variety of jobs from Photo Silk screening, construction, travelling all over Ontario instructing workshops, to teaching art, and photography.

Being married with responsibilities, time was precious, never the less, every day was spent developing his profession as a multi-media artist. He most often painted before going to work, and into the night after his family settled down. All in all, these were productive years. Throughout his professional career, George has been represented in galleries, and has had numerous one-person shows in Toronto, and elsewhere.

George has progressed through a gradual progression of development, and period styles. Overall, most period changes were clearly obvious in content, and in style. To George, the language of each period spoke loud, and he followed it willingly. After all, as he said, “that learning experience was over”. In order to evolve and grow, one must move on, rather than remain with a comfortable style to rest upon.